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e. a. smith
6-Oct-2009, 20:47

I'm looking for information on matching a Linhof lenshood to a Schnieder 210 f5.6 lens on 4x5.

From what I've seen on e-bay, Linhof makes drop-in filters and various sized hoods.

I hope to end up with a WA and Tele Schnieder (300mm range) and would like to use the same drop-in filters in the appropriate hoods.

Is this possible and any suggestions at to which moel Linhof hoods work with these lenses?

Thank you,

E.A. Smith

6-Oct-2009, 21:03
It all sounds a lot better in theory than it works in practice.
A much better way is to determine the largest screw-in filters you'll need, and then use step-up rings for the smaller lenses.

Peter K
7-Oct-2009, 00:04
I'm looking for information on matching a Linhof lenshood to a Schnieder 210 f5.6 lens on 4x5.
For the Symmar (convertable) 210mm you will need the Linhof 70mm lens-shade with a 70/60mm step-down ring. This lenshood takes 70mm drop-in filters. Every lenshood was delivered with an empty filter-ring.

With other step-down rings, 70/51mm, 70/42mm and 60/42mm, one can also use lenses with smaller front diameters. Also with ww-lenses the filter-holder can be used. With short lenses the lenshood itself will be unscrewed to avoid vignetting.

There where also smaller lenshoods aviable for drop-in filters with 42mm and 51mm diameter.


Bob Salomon
7-Oct-2009, 06:11
210 Schneider what? As Peter mentioned, the old 210 Symmar used the 70mm ring. The 210 Apo Symmar does not accept the hood at all. The 210mm Xenar did not take the 70mm ring as it was far too large and the lens was a much smaller diameter.

There were special holders to use the 70mm drop-in filters without the lens hood for wide angle lenses.
We threw out several of the filters, some empty filter rings and some of the wide angle adapters after our last inventory in January but you might still find some new bits and pieces at Marflex.
The manufacturer of the filters for the hood, Heliopan, no longer has these in their price lists.