View Full Version : Anyone in LA have a Shenhao 8x10?

6-Oct-2009, 16:58
Hello, I'm looking to meet up with someone who has a shenhao 8x10, I would like to see if the Shenhao bellows fit my Chamonix 8x10. Anyone here have a shenhao 8x10 and live in or near Los Angeles?

I'm aware that the 4x5 shenhao bellows fit the 4x5 chamonix, but I would like to find out for sure if the 8x10 bellows are interchangeable as well, before I order new bellows.


6-Oct-2009, 20:48

Why don't you call Jeff at Badger, explain your dilemma and see if you could return the bellows if they don't fit? Worst case scenario: they don't and you would be out a few bucks for S&H.


6-Oct-2009, 20:55
have already done that :-D But they won't have the bellows in stock for several weeks, so I figured I'd try and find someone local who has one to start the ball rolling :-)