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Eli Rubel
6-Oct-2009, 08:39
i'm sure this has been already covered in another post, so if you can link me that would be very helpful.

Simply put: I want to enlarge my 810 negs without losing the rebate edge- I assume I need to make a holder that fits my enlarger and then get "AN" glass to sandwich the neg.

Does anyone know if there is a way to buy these already made specific to your enlarger etc? Or a link to a post where someone took pictures of building one?

Please forgive my ignorance- still have much to learn in the printing world.



6-Oct-2009, 08:49
there are AN glass holders for most 810 enlargers... I have a glassless for my beseler 810, and it is nearly useless if you like edge to edge sharpness! Can't seem to find a AN glass holder for less than 1 arm and half a leg though..

Eli Rubel
6-Oct-2009, 16:39
ultimately I will have to use one, so price is less of a matter than either finding one or figuring out how to make one...

6-Oct-2009, 18:01
What enlarger?

Eli Rubel
12-Oct-2009, 08:13
I would be using an 810 De Vere Enlarger.