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5-Oct-2009, 15:57
Hi all,

I getting ready to process some Fuji Velvia 50 I shot over the weekend and looking over the E-6 processing steps in Fuji's Professional Film Data Guide the processing times for each step is the same as Kodak's except for the Color Developer Step. Kodak specifies 4:00 minutes for this step while Fuji specifies 6:00 minutes with an 8:00 "upper limit" and no lower limit recommended.

Has anyone encountered this "discrepancy" and can offer advise?



John Brady
5-Oct-2009, 16:23
If you are using the Kodak e-6 one shot 5 liter kit. I only shoot fuji color and the processing times I use are as follows. They are the same regardless of which speed velvia. They are also the same for provia and astia.

Jobo processor at 38 celsius or 100 f. Speed set at 4.
I pre soak the film in processor for two minutes.
first developer for 6 minutes.
rinse 2 minutes.
reversal bath 2 minutes.
color developer 5 minutes.
pre bleach 2 minutes
bleach 6 minutes.
fixer 4 minutes.
Wash 4 minutes in drum and soak in tray for 2 minutes.
final rinse 1 minute then dry.

6-Oct-2009, 11:04

Why did you settle on 5 minutes for the color developer? Kodak recommends 4 and Fuji 6 minutes.


John Brady
6-Oct-2009, 13:24
Kodak recommends 4 rotary and 6 tray. So I started using 5 and have been happy with it. I have used 6 and not had any problems too.