View Full Version : Which 240 mm Lenses Cover 8x20?

Richard K.
5-Oct-2009, 12:58
Are there any 240 mm lenses that really cover 8x20 (and 14x17) (I think angle of coverage would need to be around 98 DEG? oh, let's just say 100 DEG!) and not just illuminate? I think Dagors top out around 90 DEG? If one upsized (keeping the same design) a 210 Super Symmar XL to 240 mm, this would produce a lens with IC ~ 570mm, which would be enough. I wonder how hard this would be to do? Schneider seems accommodating but I don't know if there would be enough demand? Would anyone here like one? It wouldn't have to be an f/5.6. f/8 should be OK and it would keep the size and weight down to the current 210 or less...
I think Schneider will make me a one off for $45,477; if two people come in , the price drops to $38,366... :eek: JUST KIDDING! :D

Richard K.
5-Oct-2009, 13:04
OMG, I just remembered - didn't you also ask this about a year ago? You're losing it my friend/self! :) Inexorably drifting to dotage and the eventual "parting of the sensory" (great song by Modest Mouse as introduced to me by my 18 year-old)...

Pete Roody
5-Oct-2009, 13:13
maybe a 240 zeiss f9 wa dagor would cover? the f9 dagors cover 100 degrees stopped down.