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5-Oct-2009, 03:52

I have inherited 2 Sinar DB mounted lens that I would like to use with my P2
I have seen a few but would like to know what the differences are
I have read that there is a version that closes the shutter when you inset a dark slide which is something I would particularly like
How dose this connect to the darkslide and is it a feature of all of the sinar between the lens shutters

Thanks for any help



Armin Seeholzer
5-Oct-2009, 04:07
Yes it works with every Sinar/Copal behind the lens shutter, but you need the cable for it!
Its in german the Automatikkabel No. 521.51 and the Bajonettstück for the Kabel has the No. 521.91

Cheers Armin

5-Oct-2009, 04:25
Most, if not all sinar shutters have that auto aperture mechanism - the ones that do have another wire release socket underneath the release socket and flash cable.

It needs a matching sinar back (which you ought to have - all backs originally sold with for the P2 should be suitably fitted), and a long throw wire release with a special bayonet coupling on one side.