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Karl Beath
29-Nov-2001, 15:53

I am interested in doing some panoramic photography, but am a bit stuck re the c orrect manner in which to calc the correct angle of view, and hence the mm lens. When calculating you usually work out the diagonal of the film. Is there a si te which has a list of these stats including 6x12 and 6x17.

Thannks Karl Beath

Chad Jarvis
29-Nov-2001, 15:59
I wrote a really dumb Javascript angle of coverage calculator that you can find here: www.redhillphoto.com/aoc.htm l (http://www.redhillphoto.com/aoc.html). Feel free to steal the source so you can modify it for 6x12 and 6x17.

Pete Andrews
30-Nov-2001, 05:46
Arctan (1/2 the film diagonal divided by the focal length of the lens).

Pete Andrews
30-Nov-2001, 05:47
...times two. (almost forgot)

Walter Glover
30-Nov-2001, 17:31

Make up a sheet in Excel and place this formula in Column C2:

=ATAN(B2/2/A2)*180/PI()*2 where A2 = focal length and B2 = horizontal length of format. Of course row 1 would be you column titles.

Cheers ... WG

tim atherton
30-Nov-2001, 17:47
or go here and download it - gives two different options for comparisons diagonal and proportional (or soemthing like that - don't have it on here)