View Full Version : Architectural Photography with Sinar F+

Paulo K. Ogino A.
8-Jan-2002, 23:06

I recently acquired a Sinar F+ body, and I'm looking for lenses and accesories f or it. Since I'll be doing architectural photo on 4x5 and 6x9 (roll film), I wis h to have some advice. I'll be using shift and tilt for perspective correction. If I use wide angle lenses, will I need bag bellows?, any suggestion on lenses? What about the image circle? how does the Nikkor 105 5.6 W copal#0 lens work? I've posted similar questions on the same issue, but I need more info and help.

Thanks to anybody who can help.

Dave Schneidr
9-Jan-2002, 16:50
Follow Dan's advice. The Sinar F will focus with the standard bellows and 90mm lens but not allow any movement to speak of. You will definitely want a bag bellows, assuming you will use 90mm and shorter lenses.

Bjorn Nilsson
9-Jan-2002, 17:17
You'll definitely need a bag bellows for wide angle work. The ordinary bellows will be streched to its limits with anything below 120 mm. I'm not sure that the 105 will even cover 4X5" and you'll have limited movements with 6X9cm. You should consider a 90 wideangle or 110 Symmar XL. (The choice of focal length is of course up to your preferences though.)

9-Jan-2002, 17:23
with 6x9 you need shorter lens than 4x5, so you need a bag bellow to allowed mov ements. for architecture on roll film, if price is not a concern : wide angle : 55 apo g randagon from rodenstock or 58xl from schneider /// normal lens : super symmar 110xl from schneider/// long lens : from 120 to 210 mm schne ider apo symmar or rodenstock apo sironar S. You may need something in between the 55 and the 110 : 75 apo grandagon or 80 su per symmar xl. This is just the best glasses money can buy. There's a lot of cheaper alternative, for example all in second h and : wide : one current 65 from nikon, fuji, rodenstock or schneider, normal apo symmar 120, long apo symmar or apo sironar N. Because y our camera can handle 4x5, you should try to buy lens that cover 4x5 (with movements). for the roll film holder : sinar slip in style, or linhof super rollex are the b est, horseman is a good alternative. Good luck !