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Jacque Staskon
1-Apr-1999, 03:13
I just wanted to say thankyou too all who responded to my query with insight, hu mor and grace. I have taken your advice and e-mailed Ron Klukas @ Photomark in Phoenix. I am now researching the Deardorff and Kodak camera. Am I correct in assuming that some 8x10's have very limited bellows? That the Deardorff moves b oth front and back? away from center to balance the camera with a lens attached? Sounds wonderful. Thankyou again for all your responses, I will keep you inf ormed, and I am sure i will ask more questions. I am amazed at the differences between 4x5 and 8x10.

Ellis Vener
1-Apr-1999, 13:12
There is also the old and heavy but folding Calumet C-1 or C3 camera. A beast bu t usually cheap.

Yes some 8x10's have limited bellows but some of the more modern ones do not.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
1-Apr-1999, 14:09

The Deardorff focuses & extends on both front & rear. The rear can run all the way forward to the front to focus short lenses without the bed projecting into the shot. The front extends forward only, not backward, like a Wisner. By moving both standards you can size and focus and balance the camera on the tripod. The Kodak Mv does not have this advantage. Ellis is absolutley right about the C1 - 3's very very useable and inexpensive, but also massively heavy and bulky. Lensboards are available for it by the basketful.