View Full Version : Super Replacement Strap for your Speed or Crown Graphic

Frank Petronio
3-Oct-2009, 18:54
So the old nasty leather belt on my Crown Graphic was, well, old and nasty (like me!) Plus it was PITA whenever I wanted to use the tripod hole in the camera's vertical orientation -- you have to undo the belt, blah, blah, blah.

Out at the local JoAnn's Fabric Store I bought a $4.99 package of black VelcroŽ One-Wrap inch-wide trim. It's the new kind of Velcro that has both the hook and the loop incorporated -- you don't need to glue it or sew or anything. Simply threaded it through the brackets on the camera and trimmed it to length. Now I have a lighter, less bulky, infinitely adjustable and more secure grip than can be easily moved aside to access the tripod mount.

That new One-Wrap stuff looks great for other (manly) uses like wrapping cables and such.

Here is an awesome cell-phone picture!

3-Oct-2009, 18:58
Good idea!!

3-Oct-2009, 20:10
When you said "awesome cell phone pic", I thought you were going to show us a pic of that new velcro strapped around your head holding your cell phone next to your ear to accomplish a "hands free" cell phone arrangement.

Oh Well....

Nice idea on the camera, though. Just disappointing not to see you with the velcro around your head.

Frank Petronio
3-Oct-2009, 20:19

Funny, Velcro wasn't invented when they made these Graphics. Those old belt straps reminded me of Grandpa's pants.

Michael Roberts
4-Oct-2009, 07:08
Good idea! Wish I'd seen this before I made mine out of camo-colored duct tape....

4-Oct-2009, 07:18
What's that red button on your camera? My pacemaker doesn't have that.

Bob Salomon
4-Oct-2009, 07:20
What's that red button on your camera? My pacemaker doesn't have that.

That turned on the focus spot lamp.

Frank Petronio
4-Oct-2009, 07:36
One refinement -- the grip will be stronger if you put the open ends on the inside of the looped tape -- this way your hand will press against the Velcro and keep it more secure, also the ends of the tape won't catch on anything. (i.e. Wrap it the opposite way of how I did it in the photo.)

Yeah the focus spot light rarely works on these. That's a top rangefinder Crown, the later model.