View Full Version : Folding vs. Non-folding Ebony Cameras

Jeff Scott
8-Jan-2002, 22:20
I am looking for comments or experiences with the non-folding Ebony cameras. Do you feel that this design is better or is it a compromise design to the folding variety? I know that these models do not have as much bellows extension but ot her than that it seems these offer a lot in the way of movements, especially dir ect lateral displacements and wide angle capability. Thanks for your feedback.

Lars ke Vinberg
9-Jan-2002, 17:39
There is an informative article by Richard Sexton on the Ebony website (link at the bottom of the home page), on this subject.

paul owen
9-Jan-2002, 18:43
The non-folding Ebony cameras are really suited to using wide angle lenses where, I've been told, the need for front and rear alignment is paramount. The non-folding design is very rigid and well aligned. I am perfectly happy with the SW45, it handles landscapes admirably and is a joy to use! If your "thing" is wide angle, then the non- folders are perfect. Paul

Jeff Scott
9-Jan-2002, 20:56
I ordered a 45SU from Badger, looking forward to getting it. I bought a brand new Linhof Master Technika 2000 but returned it within a few days because it had too many things wrong with it for such a quality brand. I've had Tech III's and V's that have been wonderful and expected the new model to be as good. Perhaps I just got a fluke but that is partly what made me decide to try the Ebony. Every review I have read speaks glowingly about them, I just had to trust them since for the past 15 years all I have used were technical type cameras.