View Full Version : From new user - User manual for Toyo 45A

3-Oct-2009, 08:45
Hi, hi

I am new to large format photography. Just bought a Toyo 45A camera with a 150mm lens. Would like to ask if anyone has a pdf User manual for Toyo 45?

Best regards,


Merg Ross
3-Oct-2009, 11:24
Jonas, there are some Toyo 45 users (45A, 45AII, 45AX) who frequent this forum. We can help with specific questions. I have the 45AX; you made a good choice of a field camera.

Meanwhile, here is a link that may be of help:


Don Wilkes
3-Oct-2009, 11:41
Jonas: Toyo can provide a new booklet for the 45 AII (which is essentially the same as your 45A) for only $8, but they will only ship it to a U.S. address. So, if you have a friend there who would post it to you in Iceland, you should probably go for it. Here's the link:


I'd offer to do it myself, but I'm in Canada. I had to have my copy delivered to son-in-law in Oregon :}

It's a good little booklet, and pretty cheap.

And in the meantime, as Merg says, those of us with Toyos can probably answer any questions about how to adjust it.