View Full Version : 8x10 to 4x5 reduction back lens recommendation

2-Oct-2009, 10:01
I'm just getting back into LF after many years away and have been shooting with an 8x10 Deardorff and a 360mm lens. I just bought a reduction back so I can shoot 4x5 as well. What i'm looking for is some direction as to where to head in terms of lens selection. I have been thinking about getting a 240mm 5.6 for a little wider look when i'm shooting 8x10. 210mm perhaps or something wider when shooting 4x5?


Gem Singer
2-Oct-2009, 10:14
I use a 180 when shooting with the 4X5 reducing back on my 8X10. However, it doesn't cover 8X10.

A 240 will cover 8X10, but is a bit long for the 4X5 format.

The 210 will easily cover 4X5, but it is difficult (but not impossible) to find a 210 that will also cover 8X10.

Bob Salomon
2-Oct-2009, 10:17
210 Apo Sironar S and the 210 Apo Sironar W both cover 810. Although the S does not cover by much! The W gave 29 and 24mm of shifts on 810 and the S gives 3 and 2mm. But both more then cover. The S is current. The W (and it's older version, the Apo Sironar) are discontinued. The W is very large and very heavy.

Bob Salomon
2-Oct-2009, 10:19
A 180 and above are long lenses on 810. A 180 would be very similar on 45 to your 360 on 810. The 360 on 810 covers 38 and the 180 on 45 covers 37, The big problem that you may have is how wide a lens your bellows will let you use.

2-Oct-2009, 12:29
You might try a 210 mm G-Claron which will cover 8x10 where it will be wide angle and it will also work on the 4x5 as a short tele. they come in Copal 1 shutters and are nice lenses. I have never used an Apo-Sironar S but that would serve both formats but with less movements on 8x10.

I have never used a Deardorf but at some point bellows compression might be an issue with focal lengths for 4x5. For example, I doubt you could use a 90mm on the Deardorf and I would even check on the 180 first before buying.