View Full Version : Help- Polaroid 550 Dark Slide

Peter Boysen
1-Oct-2009, 13:57
Ok, so I ordered a Polaroid 550 back off ebay, fine, good deal, etc. It arrives, and then I discover that it does not include a dark slide. Somebody somewhere says you can basically shave a regular darks slide down and use that. Well, no, because it isn't long enough so I can't pull it out if I ever manage to get it all the way in. Of course nowhere sells replacement polaroid dark slides (except, of course, for medium format). Any ideas?

1-Oct-2009, 14:25
Send it back. Get a refund. Start shopping again. Make sure the next one has a proper darkslide.

Reason #369 why I quit ebay.

Glenn Thoreson
1-Oct-2009, 17:20
If you have to make one you'll need to cut it out of a 5X7 slide. Maybe a piece of black poster paper would work. The originals in those is pretty flimsy and easily damaged. The options are four:
Send it back if you can.
Make your own.
Don't take it off the camera until all the shots are used up.
Plant flowers in it and take pictures of it. :D