View Full Version : Bellows in cold weather - Urgent

tim atherton
13-Nov-1998, 16:59
Hi everyone,

An urgent request.

Any idea how the synthetic bellows in my Toyo 45AII will stand up to cold weathe r such as -15C (I think that is about 5F - though I am not sure).

Will they just crack at a certain temperature. Toyo has failed to answer this qu estion.

I am off to shoot this weekend, so a reply soon would help, if anyone knows.


Tim A

John Wiemer
13-Nov-1998, 19:06
I've had a Toyo 45AII for a couple of years and I have used it in temperatures as cold as -10F without any problems with the bellows. The cold creates more problems with the fogging of the ground glass and the cold touch of the "all-metal" camera on the bare skin. Wear good gloves.

Tom Johnston
24-Nov-1998, 15:25
You should have no problem with your bellows under these conditions.