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Michael Kadillak
30-Sep-2009, 15:12
I have tried a number of times to hook up with Conservation Resources to acquire archival paper LF and ULF negative "folders" to store negatives and am frustrated with their non-response. Michael Smith uses them and I have come to like them. Essentially it is a piece of special archival paper folded in half to store the negative.

Are there other companies that I could acquire this product from that actually want the business? I am in need of 8x20 and 8x10 negative folders.

Thanks in advance.

John Bowen
30-Sep-2009, 15:48

I use this product http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/item.action?itemGroupId=470
I buy the 14x18 for my 7x17 negatives, trim 1" off the end with the rototrim and fold the paper in half to make a 7x17 envelope. Sandy King also uses/used this product to store his ULF negatives.

I use the print-a-file poly 3 hole punches sleeves for 8x10.

Good Luck,

Michael Kadillak
30-Sep-2009, 16:55
Thanks John. When I cannot pay someone to give me what I want the next best alternative is to do it yourself. I have a Rotatrim and the price seems more than reasonable. All I need to do is allocate some time and fold my own.

John Bowen
30-Sep-2009, 17:49

I during the year, I keep my ULF negatives in some bags I got from Clear Bags. Once a year, I take a few hours, turn on a football game and cut/fold enough sheets to store the negatives made that year. I'm done before the football game is :-)