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29-Sep-2009, 19:25
I have read anything I can find here and elsewere. One question I could not answer is how to place the film in the tray. Should it be emulsion side down and should I submerge it or let it float? I realize that the emulsion needs to be allowed contact with the developer so I am afraid the film will stick to the tray and not develop fully. I also dont know how important it is for chemistry to have contact with the base side. Thanks for your time.

29-Sep-2009, 20:21
I have never done stand development myself. But from what I have read, I would use a slosher which holds up to 6 4x5 negatives in an 11x14 tray with emulsion face up. Photographer's Formulary carries the sloshers.

Mark Sawyer
29-Sep-2009, 21:44
Emulsion side up, and push all four corners down to the bottom. If you do it emulsion side down, the bottom of the tray will leave a pronounced imprint on the emulsion during development.

30-Sep-2009, 09:37
I thought the film had to be verticle to avoid bromide drag marks or something like that...... Read it in a post a year or so ago, so I can't be more specific....

30-Sep-2009, 09:43
I never had good luck with stand development in trays - got marks that I assumed were bromide drag. It may be that extreme minimal agitation (which I use in tubes) would be successful in a tray - agitate for a minute-and-a-half initially, then for 10-seconds at 1/3 and 2/3 of the development time. That might be enough agitation to avoid the drag.

Gem Singer
30-Sep-2009, 09:51
Tray development works best using a continuous agitation pattern. Not practical for stand development.

Suspension on film hangers in deep tanks lends itself better to minimal agitation or stand development methods.

30-Sep-2009, 20:16
Thanks for all the info. I have read mixed info on using trays but I will use a tank instead of a tray.

30-Sep-2009, 21:42
haven't done it, but from time 2 time i read
stand development in tubes, doing the "taco" method works well.
i have been meaning to do this, but always shuffle in trays instead ...