View Full Version : Phillips Compact II Instruction Manual

Ron Bose
29-Sep-2009, 13:16
Does any one have a scan of the Phillips Manual ?

Mine is safely filled away, so safe I can't find it !!


John Powers
30-Sep-2009, 03:46

There are several people on the forum who have or have had this camera. Perhaps they or some of us with other models could answer specific questions. For instance I have a 7x17 Explorer and an 8x10 Advantage Series (1993).

Alternatively, I have the four page manual (instructions) that come with an 8x10 Explorer. I asked Dick for a copy to be sure I was not missing something on my 7x17 Explorer.

My scanner is dead but if this will help, PM me your snail mail address. I can make copies in a day or two when I am by a print shop and send them to you.

PS: I just noticed that there is an unused 2004 camera in the For Sale section. I can't imagine having one of these gems 4-5 years without using it, but that is not my concern. Perhaps the seller has and could make the copy you want.

Ron Bose
30-Sep-2009, 07:11

That's very generous of you ... let me get a rain-check from you though.

I would only want you to go to the trouble once I've exhausted all of my avenues. Including having another search for my own copy !

Thanks again,


Oren Grad
30-Sep-2009, 20:52
Ron - just found my copy. If you haven't yet unearthed yours, PM me an email or snail-mail address and I can scan or copy it for you.