View Full Version : Film Agfa Mamoray HDR DL A1

29-Sep-2009, 02:46
Did somebody tried that film for enlarged negatives ?
Any idea about how to process it ?
A got a free box 24x30 cm 100 sheets and like to use it.

29-Sep-2009, 08:45
Several of us have tried Xray film of various kinds
SOunds like mammography film, said to be single side emulsion as opposed to standard Xray which is two sided. That should help you avoid scratching in tray development.
But as for specifics, there are too few of us and too many choices.
Start with an EI of 125 +/- and a standard developer like D-76 and go from there. You should learn a lot in the first 10 sheets and still have 90 free.