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28-Sep-2009, 14:45
Hi everybody,
Im looking for some informations about docter wetzlar Germinars, since ive heard that on this forums are the last living pros for those lenses!

So my first question is about the Germinar 11/270 S, where i would like to know what the "S" stands for. I know it stands for "special", but i cant relate anything specific with that! And what does this lens cost today in mint conditions?

Second thing i would like to know is, where i can find some MTF data, or even datasheets about germinars, especially germinar 9/150 W and the 11/270S. please dont redirect me to the germinar page of this forum, ive already read it :)
Its too bad also, that docter dont keep this kinda information online on their home page.

And ive read, that those germinars were only produced in a very small amount, like only 50 pieces? i was just wondering it could be that less... is that true?

thanks for your attention,
best regards,

Arne Croell
29-Sep-2009, 08:22
Sorry Stefan,

the only MTF's that Docter published (on paper, not online) were for the Doctars/Tessars, the Apo-Germinar, and the Apo-Germinar W (the latter two for 1:1). I know of no existing MTF's for the WA Doctar, the Germinar W's, or the Germinar S's. Yes, S stands for special and means that they are not part of the existing lines. The 270 S had an official coverage of 75 degrees instead of the 70 degrees of the W line; however the 600mm S had a coverage of only 37 degrees.

29-Sep-2009, 12:58
hello Arne,
no need to be sorry!
thank you for your informations. its just too bad there are no further informations for those lenses...


Joerg Krusche
29-Sep-2009, 13:54

I assume that the Apo Germinar 11/270 S was a competitor to the Apo Gerogon 11/270 S .. btw an interesting lens .. the Apo Germinar 9/600 S ... multicoated .. and with a perfectly round multi-segment iris at all f-stops .. has the reputation of being outstanding in the near range.. with > 50 L/mm in the corners at f=11 ..I estimate that no more than 20-30 were made .. from early '95 .. that explains why you don't find them too often.

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