View Full Version : Help with old Goerz Dagor lens

27-Sep-2009, 11:52
I recently came across an old Eastman D2 5x7 camera that was my grandfathers. He probably bought it between 1921-1933. It has a Goerz Dagor lens- f 6.8 , focus 9 1/2 in, no. 397144 and the word "compound" on it. I am a "prosumer" digital photographer, and years ago was a film photograher so I have a working knowledge of cameras, but I am looking for instructions on how to operate this lens. Any ideas? Thanks!

Gene McCluney
27-Sep-2009, 13:24
"Compound" is the brand of the shutter. It is quite a simple shutter to operate. I am sure someone else will give you directions.

Steve Hamley
27-Sep-2009, 14:22
Here are the typical controls on a Compound shutter.

At the top, you'll find a shutter speed setting, at the bottom, an apeture scale. Both of these operate as you would expect.

On the right is a shutter cocking lever and on the left is a shutter release lever

Above the aperture scale, you'll find a 3-position "slide button" that can be set to "M", "B", or "T". "B" and "T" operate just like any modern shutter.

DO NOT EVER try to cock the shutter when this slide is set to "B" or "T", or you can damage the shutter.

When the slide is set to "M", then the shutter can be cocked with the lever on the right and the shutter speed dial will work.

There should also be (usually) a cable release socket and possibly a PC flash synch. If the shutter doesn't want to cooperate, there are several folks that can service them.

Nice outfit!

Cheers, Steve