View Full Version : Developing Shanghai film with Perceptol

Lee Christopher
27-Sep-2009, 11:38
I've been searching for the past half hour on the net as well as here, and it seems that no one has souped Shanghai 100 4x5 in Perceptol. Not even the 'Massive Devp Chart' lists Shanghai film with Perceptol.

I would figure that Perceptol would be one of the viable options with Shanghai considering it's a high sharpness developer.

What timing do you think I should start off with?


1) Film exposed at ISO 100
2) Perceptol at stock strength (1:0)
3) Chemical temp at 20 deg
4) Going with 2 sheets at a time in a Paterson tank
5) Constant inversions for the first 30 seconds, then 5 inversions every minute for the remaining devp time.

Thanks and best regards.

Edit to add: This is the data supplied on the ebay listing for this film; it might help. I'm sorry I have been out of the darkroom for so long (20 years?) that it's all a muddle in my mind right now, and I have to find my way back all over again.

* Formulation: KODAK D-76 Developer
* Temperature: 20C (68 F)
* Time: 10 minutes
* D23 - 12 minutes
* D76 1:1 - 14 minutes
* Rodinal 1:50 - 15 minutes
* Formulation: KODAK HC110
* Temperature: 20C (68 F)
* Time: 1+15 (A): 5 minutes
* Time: 1+31(B): 7.5 minutes

Lee Christopher
27-Sep-2009, 12:07
I forgot, with a pre-soak.

OK, I'm going in at 1:0 at 20 deg for 14 minutes and see what happens.

I guess if I manage to do a proper series of controlled exposures and tests, as well as devp with Perceptol, I'll post up the results if anyone's interested.