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26-Sep-2009, 07:54
I have a problem I hope the forum can help me with.
My publisher is looking to do a book of my stereo pairs. Publishers like Chronicle and Voyageur have produced these type of books over the last decade Sadly they refuse to tell me where they obtained the plastic lenses and had the books printed in China.

A pair of large lenses are built into a leaf of the front cover and the reader used the folded cover as a viewer as they turn each page.
( to see an example just go to Amazon and look up: "New York City in 3D. A Look Back in Time"

I have bought small lenses for pop up viewers from Berezin in the past but have not heard back from him regarding the larger lenses.
Can you point me in the right direction ? Each plastic single lens is about one and one-half" across

Greg Lockrey
26-Sep-2009, 12:23
Steve Berezin at http://www.berezin.com/3d/ can help you.