View Full Version : where to get 4x5 film in Toronto?

26-Sep-2009, 06:35
I'm new to LF (this is my second post) where can you get B&W 4x5 film in Toronto

26-Sep-2009, 06:41
You can get some at Canada's BigCameraWorkshops.com in Burlington, ON 905-335-6031

26-Sep-2009, 06:46
Found this also, a little digging indicates they claim to carry sheet film.


26-Sep-2009, 06:54
You're right they hame some. I live in Montreal and there is at least for now 2 places. Lozeau and Photo Service. Otherwise I order (Ilford FP4+) from Freestyle in California.

bob carnie
26-Sep-2009, 07:05
If you can wait a couple of days Mike Chan at Eight Elm can get 4x5 film, he usually has stock.

I'm new to LF (this is my second post) where can you get B&W 4x5 film in Toronto

26-Sep-2009, 11:35
Thanks, for the tips
I gave 8 Elm a call and they do have some B&W in stock
will drop by on Monday

since I now have the floor....
can I ask if there are any Toronto based LF photographers that I can spend some time with on the phone getting some other "newbie" questions answered

if you are so inclined can you send me a PM with either your email or phone number so that I can contact you

I made this request for help on my introductory post several days ago
in the "Introduce yourself" section
but so far no Toronto photographer has materialized


26-Sep-2009, 17:27
Especially because you are new to 4x5, I'm going to make a couple of observations.

Availability of 4x5 film in Toronto is very limited both in terms of type and available stock, and you should not assume that if Vistek has certain 4x5 film listed on its web site, that they have it on hand. It can take them a week to get it. The same goes for Henry's.

Also, it is quite a bit cheaper, after currency conversion and postage, to order 4x5 film from the U.S. If you want to support Vistek or Henry's or Eight Elm or whomever, great, but understand that they offer limited choices in emulsion and that their prices are not competitive.

Fred L
26-Sep-2009, 17:40
Henry's usually has Ilford or Tri X in stock. They also seem to have decent stock of Blazinal ( can't be legally sold as Rodinal here...)

26-Sep-2009, 18:01
I actually buy from Henry's (queen street only) and Downtown camera all the time.

26-Sep-2009, 18:20
Yes, in June when I called around in Toronto, both Henry's and Eight Elm had some 4x5 in stock. Vistek had nothing, but could deliver in a week. Unfortunately, Henry's and Eight Elm just didn't have what I wanted and/or in the quantities that I wanted, and the prices were unattractive. In the end, I ordered from New York, where I got everything with one phone call.

Fred L
26-Sep-2009, 19:13
hey snuck,

not sure if it's just me or not but your webpage goes to an apache test page for some reason


26-Sep-2009, 19:28
It's not just you. I just havn't bothered to maintain my site so I took it down. But as they say... coming soon...

Fred L
27-Sep-2009, 05:56
looking forward to it !

27-Sep-2009, 06:50
looking forward to it !

may not be what you'd expect!.

bob carnie
27-Sep-2009, 07:38
Mondrian Hall supply Kodak products,
Amplis supplys Harmon, Ilford, Kentmere products
Fuji Canada supply Acros products

These three companies supply all Canada Retail Stores with film supplies. Demand is not there and basically, if you place an order which does not fit into your Retail Stores stocking timeline , you are out of luck.

I have found Eight Elm to be the most responsive to film users needs, but they are really small retailer and may not have what you need on the shelf, but usually a day or two away. Ask for Mike Chan , he is the best in my books.

Personally I prefer to use the Canadian Companies because of the duties and shipping costs can really be painful , and it is really hard to predict the final price , when getting film or paper out of the States into Canada.

Nymoc in Toronto supply all the photographic chemicals that I use, they are really a great place to drop in and get your chems.

27-Sep-2009, 07:44

Thanks for that. Good information, especially the reference to Nymoc. I didn't know about them.

27-Sep-2009, 09:59
I'll actually second 8 Elm. They're also a good place to get more specialty material like stuff to do bromoil, pyro, better papers et cetera. By the way bob, see you at the photo fair next weekend.


Robert Skeoch
27-Sep-2009, 13:51
I'm in Burlington and keep in stock FP4, HP5 and Delta 100 in 4x5 and 8x10.

I keep stock of FP4 and HP5 in 5x7, Whole Plate, 7x17, 8x20, 12x20 and have some 4x10.

It's mail order but if I ship to Toronto today you should have it tomorrow.