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26-Sep-2009, 04:36
Greetings everyone. I'm defrosting my film freezer and rethinking the concepts of proper orientation for storage. My question: for bulk storage is it better to have sheet film laying flat or standing on edge in the freezer? i.e., the boxes oriented horizontally or vertically? Thoughts anyone?...

26-Sep-2009, 08:48
I think I would prefer vertically, like books, if the film is still in boxes and there's nothing put on top of them.

Jim Noel
26-Sep-2009, 09:01
My film is stored flat. I do not put more than 6-7 boxes in a stack and nothing is ever placed on top of the stack.

26-Sep-2009, 09:23
OK with two replies so far it's 50/50. One recommending vertical the other horizontal.

Until now they've all been stacked flat in the freezer. But now that I'm rearranging things I'm wondering if flat is really the better orientation for long term. i.e., several years. Or would the film sheets be better stored on edge. Could there be some difference regarding the possibility of emulsion damage, warpage, etc.? Or maybe its nothing at all..........

Glenn Thoreson
26-Sep-2009, 11:33
I just shove it in wherever there's room between the hamburger and the fish sticks. Never had a problem. :D

26-Sep-2009, 16:16
I just shove it in wherever there's room between the hamburger and the fish sticks. Never had a problem. :D

Any trouble with animals sniffing around during late nite shoots?

For me I have a dedicated film freezer.........

Robert Hughes
26-Sep-2009, 16:26
Occasionally I use ice cream instead of developer. Not on purpose, of course...

26-Sep-2009, 16:46
I usually store flat, but like a previous poster said, my film competes with food for freezer space, so there's been times when it hasn't been, but I have not had any troubles. When we did studio work, it was always kept flat. My belief that the larger format, the more it could be an issue, especially if instead of verticle, it slid a bit and was leaning.

27-Sep-2009, 09:44
LMAO. I store it flat between the pizzas and bagels. :D

27-Sep-2009, 10:34
Well for now at least, flat it is. I thought there might be some scientific reason for one way or the other. Perhaps it's nothing. Cheers. Bob G.

Diane Maher
27-Sep-2009, 12:35
I store mine flat as well.