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26-Sep-2009, 01:16
I'm starting another thread now I'm more certain of details.

Although I'll be shooting medium format, not large format, I hope you guys don't mind!

I've got a project in my head that has two parts now. And this second part of it can only happen with help. It's to do with meeting people and social interaction, in the sense of acquaintances and new faces, and how we go from knowing nobody to knowing so many people. Some become people we know, and some become people we've met.

Locally I have all the people I know, and I'm looking to travel around next month, and I thought that it would be an ideal opportunity to photograph people I've met - but I need to meet you guys!

This has come from The trip to Brazil in January where I met with one friend and couch surfed round all her friends' houses for 2 weeks meeting amazing people and experiencing real life. Annoyingly I was shooting 645 so the images won't be the same as the 66 I want to shoot this time around!

The downside is because I'll be backpacking around Europe I need either a place to stay or just a face to meet, probably most importantly is a shower to use!

I'll be traveling EUROPE by INTERRAIL

Tentatively, I'll be leaving ENGLAND on the 8TH OCTOBER.

I plan on going through BELGIUM into the NETHERLANDS, onto DENMARK to NORWAY.
Back down into Europe I'll be going to GERMANY and POLAND.
Then toward ITALY.

I'm not sure how far west I'll go, but I will travel back up through FRANCE to go home I believe.

So far I'll be meeting:
DENMARK: Gandolfi
NORWAY: Csant, Leif, and my old friend Kerrie (who now lives over there), and hopefully Ole too!
GERMANY: Svea (if she's home)
POLAND: Karol and his friends
ITALY: Santo Roman in Rome, and Christopher Broadbent in Milan

I don't think I can cover SPAIN in the time, due to being mostly Eastward bound, so sadly I may not see ToyotaDesigner and Adrian Tyler. I'd like to hit a lot of the eastern countries if I can, depending on travel solutions.

I'll only be in Europe for about 4 weeks, and I need to now contact everyone I've listed above to get an itinerary going for ideal travel arrangements and whether I can stay on a couch or I'm simply meeting up for a drink.

If there's anybody else interested in helping me out I'd really appreciate it! As I said I'm looking for people to meet, maybe a place to stay if you can provide the couch, or even just a safe place to keep my bag while we have a day out in your town or city or village.

This is kind of a last call if anybody would like to help me and take part, as I'll need to finalise by the end of the month!

Hope to see you all!