View Full Version : Roll film back: horseman vs toyo

Yong-ran Zhu
13-Nov-1998, 10:58
I would like to know who did compare the Horseman rollfilm back 4x5 to 6x7 with Toyo rollfilm back 4x5 to 6x7 and your opinions. I read View Camera magazine's c omments. However, I want to know the users opinions. Please write a few line on this topic. Thank you very much for you information.

Ellis Vener
13-Nov-1998, 13:21
Zhu, I have used only the Horseman and Sinar backs so I cannot comment on the Toyo de sign. The Horseman technically works very well: excellent focal plane alignment and even frame spacing. The worst thing about the Horseman is that you must remo ve your groundglass frame and use the Graflock clips to hold it in place as it i s just too thick to slip under the tensioning springs of most camera designs. Si nce the prices seem to be roughly equal (according to B&H) you will have to deci de which design you like best. If the Toyo backs allow you to use both 120 and 2 20 film that would be a major point since the Horseman desire requires you to pu rchase either the 120 or 220 version.

Dave Schneidr
13-Nov-1998, 13:35
Any comparison with the Calumet C2N would also be appreciated. The Calumet can u se either 120 or 220 film and does fit under the ground glass. Pictures appear s imilar to the Toyo backs but at lower cost. Anyone have any experience as compar ed to the Horseman? Wista also has a design that looks very similar to the Horse man, any comments?