View Full Version : 7'x4' Negative.

Jorge Gasteazoro
27-Nov-2001, 22:37
Hi all, today before a business meeting I went to lunch and picked up a Mexican photomagazine in it there was a small article about a photographer who had made a 7'x4' paper negative (yes that is feet) and apparently held the Guinness recor d for the largest negative back in 1996, I dont know if it still holds. Any way, the URL for the magazine is www.cuartoscuro.com

I don't think they have the latest issue in the web site, but the magazine appar ently is interesting, I figure I would pass the information if some of you are c urious about photography in Mexico.

Oh! BTW the negative was made with a pinhole camera, it is amazing.

28-Nov-2001, 18:18

Indeed, it's interesting, but could you translate it into English, so we non-Spanish speaking readers can learn more about it? Regards,

Jorge Gasteazoro
28-Nov-2001, 18:22
Geoffrey if you clik on the individual issues you will get the choice of english or spanish. I think you first have to click on "archivos" and it will bring you to the past issues, then you click on the pic of the issue and you can get the articles in spanish or english.