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24-Sep-2009, 17:27
Hi all. First post here, so please be gentle. I just got a Crown Graphic with a standard Graphex 135mm/f4.7 lens and the shutter release doesn't seem to be working. The body release on the camera doesn't work, but from what I could find on the internet, this is not too much of a surprise. What's more concerning is that the cable release with the lens shutter doesn't work, meaning I press down and the shutter never opens. The only way I can get the shutter to work is when I press directly on the release lever on the lens itself. I've tried 3 different cables and none of them works. Is this a common issue, or something I could tinker with myself? Is there something stupid I could be doing that would prevent the cable release from working? I kind of need to decide quickly whether or not I want to return the setup, and I'm leaning towards returning it as it was advertised to be working. Thanks for your advice and I'm looking forward to posing more interesting questions in the future.

24-Sep-2009, 17:43
Send 'er back. Yes, it's a minor problem, but since you're just getting started with LF, you don't need any unnecessary aggrivation. It's difficult enough when everything works just as it should.

Vick Vickery
24-Sep-2009, 18:20
135mm Optar and Ektar lenses are really cheap. If you got a really good buy on the camera, you might look around for a replacement lens...I've bought these lenses for $35.00 or so not all that long ago. There are always a few of these on eBay. I gave one away as a deal sweetener a few months ago.

Oh, and by the way...welcome to group therepy!

24-Sep-2009, 18:31
Thanks for the quick replies. I think it's going back as it was an okay deal for both the body and the lens, but not for just the body. Also, I'm not a big fan of being sold things that don't work as advertised.