View Full Version : 24x30 Vacuum Easel

robert lyons
8-Jan-2002, 01:41
hi i am looking for a 24" x30" vacuum easel to use with color rc papers,does anyone know of a reasonable priced one? if not how about a source for a used one? i thought there was a manufacturer but have only found 20x24 size. thanks rob

Bjorn Nilsson
8-Jan-2002, 17:29
I havn't seen anything that big either, even though I guess that there are such items around. You can check with blueprint copyists etc. On the other hand you can quite easily assemble one yourself and use a vacuum cleaner or similar to create the vacuum. The model I'm thinking of would be 2 1/2" high, but if you are more elaborate with it, I guess that you could construct a model which would be less than an inch high. It is basically just a flat box, where the top and bottom are made of e.g. plywood. The top should be drilled with a pattern of small holes. The sides should be made from 2" wide strips of wood. In one of the sides you simply drill a hole where to insert the vacuum cleaner tube. A few nails and some wood glue, some sanding, possibly some paint and you're done.