View Full Version : Fuji Pro 160s temperature?

Greg Gibbons
23-Sep-2009, 23:02
Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere.
Fuji Pro 160S is daylight film, but Fuji says it works under a variety of light, including tungsten and florescent. Does this mean I can shoot it in any light without filters, or just that it'll work under artificial light if I use the right filter? (Which would be....?)

Also, can Photoshop correct for the wrong temperature of light easily, or at all?

Thanks in advance.

Sascha Welter
24-Sep-2009, 00:38
They probably mean: "hey it's color negative film, you can correct on printing or in digital and it's quite forgiving on exposure, so you have the range to correct". That is actually partially true, you'll be probably able to correct most of the color shift of tungsten light. It sometimes isn't easy to get a real "neutral daylight light" appearance though (at least for me it isn't always easy).

As for fluorescent light: You can't really filter that (at least totally). The color shifts of fluorescent light are not linear, you'd have to experiment with adjusting the color curves to get real neutral light. If you filter "linear" only, you might get good colors in the medium tones and still have shifts in the shadows or highlights. Also all fluorescent lamps have different color characteristics, since they depend on their "chemistry". With too short exposures you might even get different colors depending on what phase you fired the shutter in - that's not really a LF problem I think.

All that said, most people don't expect photos in fluorescent or even tungsten light to look 100% neutral like daylight. The color shifts of the light are part of what makes the image.

Henry Ambrose
24-Sep-2009, 04:27
160S corrects easily in the computer.
I would not bother with filters.