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Robert Fox
27-Nov-2001, 18:33
After much research, I ordered the following items from Badger Graphic Sales (th anks Jeff!), and should be receiving my package in 2-3 weeks (or as soon as my F uji lenses arrive):

Ebony RW45 Fujinon SW 90mm f8 Fujinon CMW 150mm f5.6 Fujinon A 240mm f9.0 Ebony Lens Shade Clip Harrison Classic Dark Cloth Polaroid 545 Pro Holder Six Fidelity Film Holders

This will be my first LF system, and will be used primarily for landscapes. I t hink I did OK with my selections, and am looking for comments from users of an E bony RW45 and / or any of the Fujinon lenses I selected.

Thanks in advance (can't wait for the package to come!)

Donald Brewster
27-Nov-2001, 18:38
The latest issue of View Camera has an article by Kerry Thalmann on the Fujinon lenses. The equipment certainly won't hold you back.

Jim Galli
27-Nov-2001, 19:39
Well that's my dream outfit! Don't forget some Toyo film holders and a Minolta Spotmeter F. If you can't make some pretty pictures with that, well, you'll have to look beyond the equipment. Of course you'll experience the same learning curve frustrations we all do but having superb equipment will narrow things down much faster. Very best of luck to you.

Scott Hoerner
27-Nov-2001, 20:56
Robert, It will be interesting to talk with you further as you use the equipment. I too an new to large format and just sent payment for a used Ebony SV45U. I also spoke with Jeff today and ordered a Fujinon 240mm A and Rodenstock Sironar S 150 based on info I read here. I have been using 6x12 and 6x9 (Silvestri) for landscape and trying to make a go selling to pay for my gear habit. I am moving up to 4x5 since every piece I have sold so far, but one, has been at least 40". Most have been 60" LightJets. Let me know how your learning curve goes.

Scott (www.skylightimaging.com)

Doug Paramore
27-Nov-2001, 21:53
That ought to be a dream outfit. If you don't get good stuff with that setup, take up golf. If you will ship the whole outfit to me for a few months, I will be glad to work any bugs out of it and make sure everything works well.

On a serious note, welcome to the world of LF. There will be a little learning curve, but well worth it.


Robert Fox
27-Nov-2001, 22:39
Thanks for the replies ..... based on your comments, it looks like I made some right choices. Yep, Kerry Thalmann's excellent website definately influenced my decision to get Fujinon lenses. That, and my own personal experiences with Fujinon via my MF cameras - a GS645S and GSW690III.

I was torn between a Toyo 45AII and the Ebony, and Jeff from Badger Graphics excellent advice convinced me to get the Ebony. Actually, I really like the way wooden folders look, and could not find a single negative comment about any Ebony camera

Also I just picked up my first issue (November/December) of View Camera magazine today, and wouldn't ya' know it - digital photography is the focus of this issue - aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!

Thanks again for the replies - Bob

28-Nov-2001, 00:36
What exactly did Jeff say that swayed you towards the Ebony? I have an AII, and I love it. The only thing that would be nice is if it had a few more movements; I believe the Ebony has more movements - was that the reason you went for it!



Peter Brown
28-Nov-2001, 02:50
Hi Robert

It seems the number of Ebony users is growing daily. I just recently purchased an Ebony 45S and also a Fuji 210 and 135 along with a Nikkor 65 and a SS 110 XL. The Fuji lenses are outstanding and are every bit as good as the Schneider, Nikkor and Rodenstock I've used. The 135mm seems exceptionally sharp (maybe even better than the 110!) so if the 150 is as good you'll be a happy snapper.

Although I'm not new to LF photography, I am new to using the Ebony, but it a very easy camera to get to grips with. They are a dream machine and you'll enjoy every minute of using it. If you need any help just give a shout.

Kind regards


paul owen
28-Nov-2001, 05:42
Another satisfied customer!! Welcome to the world of LF!!

Robert Fox
28-Nov-2001, 06:26
Again, thanks so much for your replies .....

Ken - the extra movements, lighter weight, and aesthetic appeal are what swayed me to Ebony. That, in conjunction with the overwhelming positive comments I've read about these cameras on this and other forums, and the fact the RW45 is on sale at Badger for $1595 convinced me! Jeff actually indicated both the 45AII and the RW45 would both be excellent cameras for my intended purposes, but the RW45 was more versatile of the two.

Because of my love of the Civil War, and the fact the majority of my interest lies in photographing Civil War Battlefield landscapes, getting a camera built of similar materials that Gardner, O'Sullivan, and Brady used ..... well, my decision was probably already made I was getting a wood camera when the time came to move up to LF .....

Thanks again - Bob

28-Nov-2001, 10:45
Hi Bob,

You can't go wrong with Ebony! They really are in a class beyond any similar cameras. I've had an SV45U2 for about a year & a half, and love it. Quality of build, well thought-out design and sheer beauty of the camera are all first-rate in every way.

I don't remember the RW45's bellows length offhand, but if it can handle a 300mm lens you may want to pick up Fuji's 300/8.5 "C" lens at some point. I have that and the "companion" 450/12.5 and both are superb, and very tiny/lightweight.

Regards, Danny www.dannyburk.com