View Full Version : d76 particle question

23-Sep-2009, 07:42
I've used the stuff for roll film for more than two decades now, but only recently for large format. I process tmy2 4x5 film with it.

I'd noticed some suspended particles in my gallon jug after processing perhaps 20 sheets of tmy2. I do a 2 minute presoak first with water, and the water comes out a pretty serious voilet color, then I develop.

The floaties were sort of grey in color, pretty small, and mostly suspended in the liquid. I filtered it out using a coffee filter in my funnel, and it had the appearance of wet blackpowder (gunpowder) with fine dark particles. It was fine enough to clog the filter enough to prevent efficient filtering. After filtering, I did a tank of 35mm film and it worked just fine.

Anyone seen this before? Did I not do enough pre-soaking?

23-Sep-2009, 08:31
You get a bit of colloidal silver in these types of devs, it can be filter through a coffee filter like you did if you're worried. In deep tanks it usually built up at the bottom. It's entirely normal.

Best bet is let the solution settle over night decant most into something else & filter this firtst, then the sludge at the bottom


24-Sep-2009, 08:03
Thanks, great idea about quicker filtering.