View Full Version : Lens Conversion Help Please

22-Sep-2009, 14:41

If anyone could answer this question I would really appreciate it. I am trying to advise a friend and my research has failed thus far. Thanks.

I have a 90mm lens on my 5x4 camera.

Could anyone tell me what the equivalent size lens would be on a 6x7 camera (mamiya 7) to achieve the same results/angle as my 5x4 90mm lens ???

If anyone could help that would be great, I know it is medium format but I am trying to get them in to large :)


Oren Grad
22-Sep-2009, 14:47
The closest among the Mamiya 7 lenses would be the 50, which will cover a slightly wider field of view on 6x7cm than a 90 does on 4x5.

Gem Singer
22-Sep-2009, 15:43
A 55 on a 6X7 will give the same perspective as a 90 on a 4X5.