View Full Version : Film Holder Help Requested

Chauncey Walden
27-Nov-2001, 15:13
Hi, Does anyone (especially our British or European readers perhaps) have an idea wh at type (plate or sheet film) and size (5x7 or metric) of holder I need for a ni ce old stereo camera that I picked up in England. The outside dimensions of the holder would be approximately 9mm thick by 130mm high by 200mm or so long. In in ches, about 3/8 inch thick by 5 inches high by 8 or so inches long. I want to pu t the camera back into service and don't know specifically what kind of holder I 'm looking for. Thanks for any information. Chauncey

Walter Glover
27-Nov-2001, 17:58

Don't rule out the possibility of it being full plate or half plate or some such.

Cheers ... WG

Bill Jefferson
28-Nov-2001, 06:21
Chauncey, Calumet.com, sells holders modified for the 13x18 cm film its a squidgen larger than 5x7