View Full Version : Camera Expo in USA?

Matt Docis
7-Jan-2002, 01:52
Are there any big camera shows/expos in the US where most of the LF manufacturer s/makers and/or distributors exhibit? I've been trying to decide on a 4x5 field camera (and a CF tripod, for that matter)and it would be nice to be able to see all in one place. If not, is a trip to NYC my next best bet? Thanks!

7-Jan-2002, 08:15
Photo EXPO held during the fall each year in NYC is one option. Most of the camera manufactures have an exhibit. However, that will not save you a trip to NYC. And it also means waiting 9 months make your purchace, which would torment me.

As an alternative, I suggest you come to NYC and visit the camera stores. B&H is the obvious one, but Fotocare, Ken Hansen Photo, Lens and Repo, Adorama and Calumet all have LF stuff on display and for sale.

Bob Salomon
7-Jan-2002, 08:31
Photokina, much larger show, will take place in Sept. a while before Photo East. You might also go there.

Shows in the US coming up soon include:

NANPA and Western States in Jan. PMA in Feb. WPPI in March.

None of them will have much in LF cameras. There will be tripods and heads, especially at NANPA in Jacksonville in 2 weeks.

Andre Noble
7-Jan-2002, 08:38
Has anyone been inside Badger Graphics? Might be better than going to NYC.

I've recently been inside B&H, and don't feel they have enough on display in terms of field cameras to make a buying decision.

Ellis Vener
7-Jan-2002, 12:54
Instead of dealing with a mega super catalog store like B&H, go to a "real" camera store. In New York City, I recommend: Ken Hansen Photographic, Lens & Repro, Photo Habitat, and Calumet's store.

neil poulsen
7-Jan-2002, 22:36
B&H Photo Video has a HUGE catalog that's worth looking at for side- by-side comparisons. The catalog includes an entire section on field cameras with pictures and stats. It doesn't contain all of the current models, but it contains enough of them to make getting a copy worthwhile. Plus, there's lots of other stuff included, like accessories, tripods, filters, medium format cameras, monorail LF cameras, etc., etc., etc!

After making a modest purchase of some sort, they sent me mine cross country for free. (Without request.) Knowing that you are considering purchasing a camera, they might give you a complimentary copy.

John Cooley
7-Jan-2002, 23:43
Information about a large format conference scheduled for this summer in New Mexico can be found at the following web site:


David Richhart
8-Jan-2002, 19:31
I took an excursion to Midwest Photo in Columbus, Ohio, this afternoon. I stopped counting at 50 large format cameras in sizes from 4x5 and larger. About 1/3 of them were new and the majority of the used cameras looked to be in near new condition. Check their website for a listing that is very up-to-date. They have all the other necessaries as well, including LF film.

I'm just mentioning this for those who find it a simpler trip than New York. A lot of things to see, and good people to deal with. -Dave

15-Jan-2002, 21:16
Glazier's Camera, Seattle. Most LF cameras on display. Knowledgeable staff.

Badger Graphic, Wisconsin - call beforehand for camera availability and store hours. They're primarily a mail order store. Great prices.