View Full Version : Newbie Q's - Where to buy equipment, chemicals and film in the EU?

21-Sep-2009, 23:28
Hi everyone

I just shot my first few shot with my new Chamonix and it is time for development. I shoot B/W and want to develop myself - with either the BTZS tubes or the HP Combi-Plan. I am also looking for chemicals to develop Ilford FP4/Delta film. Any recommendations on developer and other needed chemicals are very welcome (have only tried develping 35mm film a few times 15 years ago as a kid...). I have just received 'The Negative' but haven't had time to read it yet.

So, where is the best and most reasonably priced EU dealer of large format gear??? I'm in Denmark, so Germany, UK or the Netherlands is probably preferable.

My local dealer has an acceptable selection, but paying 60$ for 25 sheets of FP4 or 10 sheets of Velvia 100 sort of made things clear...

thanks ind advance, everyone.


22-Sep-2009, 00:23
Don't know about gear in EU, but film and chemicals can be found from:

Martin Aislabie
22-Sep-2009, 01:38
For new Camera and Lens equipment my favourite place is Robert White - http://www.robertwhite.co.uk/default.asp

For good quality second hand stuff I like MXV (http://www.mxv.co.uk/index.html) there costs are reasonable and their descriptions are accurate.

For Film & Paper either Ag Photographic (http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/) or Silverprint (http://www.silverprint.co.uk/)

The problem with shipping liquid chemicals to Denmark is none of the UK Couriers will do it - your fine with dry powders but not liquids.

For liquid chemicals try either Maco (http://macodirect.de/index.php) for the normal main line stuff or Wolfgang Moersch (http://www.moersch-photochemie.de/content/lang:en) for some more interesting alternative products.

The advantage to Euro Zone customers in the dreadful Euro/Pound exchange rate at the moment – bad for us in the UK but great for you guys.


22-Sep-2009, 13:03
Thanks, both of you! valuable information, really.

do any of you happen to know, whether the BTZS tubes are being sold in Europe at all?

ps. Martin - actually, I'm not in the Euro Zone (we still have our 'crowns'), but a low pound rate is always a pleasure :)

Martin Aislabie
30-Sep-2009, 06:49
do any of you happen to know, whether the BTZS tubes are being sold in Europe at all?

I have never found anyone doing BTZS stuff in Europe.

I bought all mine from Fred Newman at the View Camera Store - http://www.viewcamerastore.com/

Fred is fast & efficient but the shipping rates to Europe are pretty high, so its worth getting a whole bunch of stuff at the same time.


Harald Leban
30-Sep-2009, 11:40
[QUOTE=Martin Aislabie;513075][QUOTE=mortensen;510529]
do any of you happen to know, whether the BTZS tubes are being sold in Europe at all?

Have you tried FOTOIMPEX in Germany? They sell something similar for 8x10" sheet film (http://www.fotoimpex.de/catalogus/files/page57-1068-full.html)

Itīs also a good source for all your demands of film, chemistry, darkroom etc...

We have also a useful source here in Austria (www.foto-riegler.at) - they have best price on film, papers etc....


30-Sep-2009, 12:52
Thanks, both of you.
I ended up ordering a HP Combi-Plan tank and some film from Silverprint... will hopefully receive them in a few days

btw. fotoimpex looks really nice!

30-Sep-2009, 14:59
Just a thought - I desperately tried getting some BTZS similar stuff to develop anything bigger than 4x5. Gave up in the end, and started using trays - and I wouldn't do anything else now: developing in trays is fast, efficient, and fun :)

(BTW: greetings from Norway - welcome to the LF world!)