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21-Sep-2009, 22:33
Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts for a my 4x5 Linhof Kardan Supercolor?

The front knob for preventing the lens from shifting left/right on the standard has become ineffective. It is a small knob 11/16" in diameter, with a screw 1/4" deep and with a flat tip and 1/8" thread.

Bob Salomon
22-Sep-2009, 01:13
Marflex may still have something that will work.

22-Sep-2009, 14:49

Thank you very much for suggesting that I contact Marflex (contact information here (http://www.hpmarketingcorp.com/contact-us.html)). Mr. Marflex was extremely helpful, and I am amazed by the quality of service that I got for a camera that has to be at least 10 years old (I don't know when the Super Color's were produced, but it couldn't have been anytime recently). I'm also amazed that such service was given for a very tiny problem, in terms of the solution.

Under Mr. Marflex's instruction, I took it apart, put it back together, now it works, but I think I'm going to get replacement standard knobs for greater usability (my knobs are very difficult to grip & turn because they're only 0.25" deep, while the newer ones are conical shaped).

I almost feel guilty over the level of service I received. Truly, you guys are great.

When I have called many other companies regarding older products, I usually end up with some technician who knows less about the item than I do, and tells me that they no longer offer tech-support for that item, to look elsewhere.

Not so here!

Bob Salomon
22-Sep-2009, 15:39
Glad Martin could help you.