View Full Version : 6x12 back on Ebony

Scott Hoerner
27-Nov-2001, 14:19
Hello, I am new to large format having in the past shot 6x9 & 6x12 for fine art and stock. My question is, will the standard Horseman 612 back fit the Ebony S V45U graflock back with out the need for any adaptor? I plan to use the ebony f or 612 work while I experiment and practice 4x5 and large format movements. By the way, if anyone has not seen it the new Jack Dykinga book on large format in nature photography inspired me to finally take the plunge.

paul owen
27-Nov-2001, 15:16
Scott, Yes it will!! You will need to remove the GG after composing and lock the back with the sliding tabs. Paul

Scott Hoerner
27-Nov-2001, 15:38
Thanks Paul and thanks to jeff at Badger Graphics who also responded. Jeff also got a two lens order out of our conversation.