View Full Version : Kodak and Kafka

George Kara
21-Sep-2009, 10:50
I received a 15% off coupon on all items in the kodak store. I wanted to purchase some more Ektar film and super 8. So I followed the link:


typed in "film" under the search bar.

This is the response.

No results were found for: film
Please try searching for another key word."

Kodak and film???? Obviously the "New Kodak" considers film as a back door product.


Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2009, 11:09
Or they don't sell it in their store. But Tempe, PhotoMark and the View Camera Store all have film in your area.

21-Sep-2009, 11:51
The Kodak website is pretty hopeless, there's lots of information but the navigation system is extremely poor so it's very hard to find the film bits. . . . . . .

When you do find them they are excellent.