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Matthew Rolfe
21-Sep-2009, 08:36
Hello, I already own a Symmar-S 240mm lens and I shoot 8x10. 240mm is about as wide as I want to go. I am looking to get three lenses in total before I go away travelling in about a year. The thing is I can only afford to buy one lens now and another in about three to four months as I am trying to save etc. My question is what lens should I go for first?

I want to get a lens in the 360mm range and another in the 450-480 range so I would have a nicely spaced affordable lens collection 240mm - 360mm? - 480/450mm? What I can't decide is what lens length to go for first, seeing as there will be a considerable time gap before I can purchase the next one? I know it is a fairly open ended question but I was hoping some opinion and advice could be had.


21-Sep-2009, 08:43
The one you find a good deal on first?

Many of the 360mm are big and heavy. That might be an issue.

The 450mm Fuji F/12.5 is tiny OTOH.

Brad Rippe
21-Sep-2009, 08:45
I'd go with the longer lens and get used to it and see if you want the 350 later. The Fuji 450-C is a really nice lens, and its small if you plan to travel with it.
Schneider just came out with a 350 that looks like it would fit onto your set nicely.

Matthew Rolfe
21-Sep-2009, 08:52
Thanks for the quick responses. I was originally thinking that I could go for the 450/480mm option first and then fill in the space. You have supported my thinking. Thanks

Matthew Rolfe
21-Sep-2009, 09:06
Nick, I want to get the right lens now so that I have a good choice to work with until I can afford the next.

David Karp
21-Sep-2009, 10:19
That 450 is kind of in the range of the 210 for 4x5, so it will probably be used quite a bit. That is where I would go. The 450 Fuji C is really very nice. So is the 450mm f/9 Nikkor M.

John Kasaian
21-Sep-2009, 10:43
A 19" Artar isn't too big (compared to say a 14" Commercial Ektar) and is a beautiful lens which, with a bit of hunting around, you might be able to pick up for a good price right now. There is the Nikkor M if a copal shutter and mc glass is your preference, but the 19" Artar is my personal fave on the 8x10. Given a choice I'd opt for either a 19" RD Artar or it's cheaper, uncoated brother the APO Artar and a good lens shade (or a wide brimmed hat.) For a 360/355/14" lens there it this consideration:----do you want a fast lens ? Or do you want a compact light-wieght lens? Choose one or the other, 'cause I haven't seen a light AND fast 14" er.

Mark Sawyer
21-Sep-2009, 13:03
I will also vouch for the 450-M Nikkor. The 480mm Apo-Ronar in a shutter would also be an excellent choice.

As to "which focal length first", my own tendency would be to do the long and the short, and fill in the middle later. But that's just me...

Don Dudenbostel
21-Sep-2009, 14:38
The View Camera Store has a minty Schneider built (Kern?) Apo Artar 480mm (19in) (red dot) in a copal #3. Modern remake of the classic RD Artar with modern coatings and excellent Copal #3 shutter. Should be a super performer. They are asking $999 which is a good deal considering the modern shutter and coatings. I've been using my RD Artar 19 for about thirty five years and love the lens but I would rather have it n a copal if I had a choice. I also have a Nikkor M 450mm and would rather have it then the RD Artar if I could only have one lens in that range simply because of the Copal shutter. Don't overlook the Schneider Repro Claron. It's basically a R D Artar made by Schneider of Germany. They are APO lenses and the same quality and generally don't bring the higher price that the RD Artar does. Apo Nikkor f9 process lenses in shutters are superb as are Apo Ronar lenses but the downside is they can be large and heavy.

Sascha Welter
22-Sep-2009, 00:41
You could get the shorter first, work with it. After a while, when you look at the pictures and very often feel the need to crop things to where the longer lens would have framed the shot, then you should get the longer lens. A longer lens is "just a shorter lens with a bit of cropping".

Matthew Rolfe
22-Sep-2009, 07:24
Thanks for the responses. Cheers Don for spotting that lens, I will have a look today.

I'm pretty much decided on 'going long' first and then filling the gap in a few months time.

450-M Nikkor is a lens I've had my eye on for a little while.

Thanks again