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20-Sep-2009, 05:55
My father left me this is very old lens. On the rim of the lens it says Rectilinear Bausch & Lomb. On the front of the shutter assembly it says Patented B.I.T. Jany. 5 1897.

I have already went to the Bausch & Lomb Web site and read their page about the history of the Rectilinear lens and the “Between-the-lenses” iris diaphragm and shutter

In 1887, Edward Bausch patented the “between-the-lenses” iris diaphragm and shutter. Although iris-style diaphragms – in which a set of overlapping leaves were used to create a circular opening were not new, Edward’s invention allowed the photographer to adjust the size of the aperture and to open and close it according to the desired
exposure times.

So my question is there any way to accurately date when this lens was manufactured?


Lynn Jones
21-Sep-2009, 11:04
Hi Lou,

the lens was originally created by both Steinheil and Dallmeyer both claimed to be first, Steinheil may have been first by a few weeks.

The invention was in 1866. I used one of the B&L rapid rectilenears made in about 1903 to 05 with an air shutter. I used this lens for both large and medium format for decades in b/w and color. I loved the lens.

They are symmetrical with two cemented groups front and rear. I think you'll like them. they have a 24 to 30 degree half angle depending on lots of things.