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Andrew Mckay
20-Sep-2009, 05:47
I recently purchased a Schneider 72mm - f5.6 Super Angulon XL lens including centre filter. As I have some Lee filters I also bought the 115mm push on ring. I received the goods with the accessory ring and guides to make one filter slot only.

The problem is the screws protrude through the ring and would interfere on the other side when you mount it onto the center filter. Going to try post a shot

Looking at Eric Leppanen's post http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=43206 he has two filter slots.

Is it a case of not being supplied enough filter guides or am I totally missing the point and should be looking at another method? I am going to try phone Lee Filters during the week but often I am away from a land line during UK office hours for days on end so any help in the mean time will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the forum, been lurking for a while trying to learn as much about LF as I can


20-Sep-2009, 08:24
Anrew, your holder looks strange. It should (at least compared to older models) have one slot on each side.

Problem is - 100mm filters are not good for 72XL+CF no matter what holder you're using. 100mm vignetting will restrict your movements to "standard" 75mm image circle - you're basically voiding XL + CF all together.

Holder that sure fits is Cokin x-pro universal mount holder + 130mm filters.

Also cause CF is huge and has highly reflective mirror like surface you may hit lighting conditions when it bounces light in to front filter and pics up funny flare.

I like 72XL+CF, but it is b**ch as far as accessories and usability.

Andrew Mckay
20-Sep-2009, 08:45
thanks Victoria, got lazy and didn't screw the other slot on the other side for the shot

looks like filters and 72XL+CF could be a challenge !!

Joanna Carter
20-Sep-2009, 08:57
I found that it is possible to get away with one filter, as long as you put the slots along the long edge of the shot. However, after losing a push on holder and a polariser into a waterfall, I finally decided to get the Cokin X-Pro system which takes 130mm filters and whose adapters screw onto the lens.

Eric Leppanen
20-Sep-2009, 09:14

My 2 slot holder uses 1/2 inch guide screws, I presume a one slot configuration would require something close to 1/4 inch screws. I would suggest contacting Lee directly through their web site (http://www.leefilters.com) to get their suggestion as to what to do. Lee sells guide screws separately, but I'm not sure if they sell anything shorter than 1/2 inch. At a minimum they can give you the proper screw dimensions so that you can hopefully buy them at a local hardware store.

As for vignetting with the SA72XL: you can check for vignetting on your camera by installing the center filter and filter holder onto the lens, sliding a 100x100mm filter on the filter holder, opening the lens to working aperture, then looking through the front of the lens (through the filter) and seeing if you can see all four corners of the ground glass. Using this approach you can determine which camera movements introduce a vignetting problem, and whether the limitations of the Lee holder will be too restrictive for your intended use.

Andrew Mckay
20-Sep-2009, 09:48
thanks Joanna and Eric for the tips - I'm going to try the the vignetting check through the front of the lens.

Stephen Lewis
20-Sep-2009, 11:24
The problem is the screws protrude through the ring and would interfere on the other side when you mount it onto the center filter. Going to try post a shot

Hi Andrew

With my Lee holders, I just put on as many slots as I want, and, if necessary, cut the screws to length so they don't protude. They're easy enough to purchase from your local DIY shop. HTH :)