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19-Sep-2009, 13:36
Hello all. I'm just getting into 8x10 photography. I'm thinking that I would like to use a drum for my film but the only problem is that I am quite poor and can't afford one of the $499 Jobo film drums. I can however swing the price for the print drum and I do have a single print drum laying around the house somewhere. I am wondering if it's possible to use either of those. Are there any concerns other than getting the emulsion on the right side? Can this be done or am I stuck with trays or the big beastly 3.5 gal tank?

Thanks all and sorry if this has been asked many times before. I am either too lazy or just cant find what I'm looking for.

19-Sep-2009, 13:45
I've done it with beseler print drums and it works but I get scratches sometimes when inserting or removing the film due to the roughness of the drum surfaces. Of course you can only do 1 sheet at a time and that sucks. Before that I used hangers in homemade tanks which range from 1.5 to 4 inches wide that hold only a couple hangers and very little chemistry. Black 1/4" ABS and a table saw are all you need to make those.

19-Sep-2009, 13:47
This thread may have some info you can use. http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/64303-jobo-8x10-expert-drum-vs-jobo-2850-8x10-negatives.html

Rick Olson
19-Sep-2009, 13:48

Some of those taller Patterson light-tight tanks might work also. I use one to develop my 5 x 7 with EMA processing.


Steven Tribe
19-Sep-2009, 13:54
Look for Ilford cibachrome ilfochrome 8x10 developing drums/tubes. These were designed for the ciba print process which is in decline and regularly available-you know where! Developed for paper prints they work perfectly with 8x10 negatives. The gelatine layer is towards the centre. These can be hand rolled but there is a little rotational motor (check 120 /240 volts) available also made by Ilford. Advantage is very little liquid use. The temperature will fall a little during use - not enough to influence development times. I believe there are other makers of these drums (Paterson). I have bought a whole set of these and they are very well made and easy to use. I paid very little for these.

19-Sep-2009, 14:33
[QUOTE=Steven Tribe;509647]... I believe there are other makers of these drums (Paterson). ....[/QUOTE
Right on - Ilford processing tube, aka Durst Codrum, aka Patterson Color Print Processor. Need to do everything twice because the chemicals exhaust before time is up. Oherwise very clean negs. Mine roll on lego wheels.

19-Sep-2009, 16:31
Get a couple of BTZS tubes from The View Camera Store which cost ~$30 each and work well. I use them and process through fixer and hypoclear but then was in a dedicated film washer. You could wash in a tray on a budget.

19-Sep-2009, 19:49
Unicolor Print Drums work great too. I use the 8x10 size for 4x5. They also made a 11x14 (2-8x10) and 16x20 size (4 - 8x10).


David Karp
20-Sep-2009, 00:16

21-Sep-2009, 22:50
Thank you everyone for the tips and links. I do have a cibachrome tube hanging out somewhere. It will be a pain in the ass but it beats try processing in my eyes. If all goes to plan tomorrow Ill have a new shutter to mount my lens on and Ill make a lensboard. Then Ill pop the film out of the fridge and take some photos.