View Full Version : How to measure foot candles...? Help.

19-Sep-2009, 11:09
Hi folks...I'm trying to set up my enlarger to create enlarged negs for alt processes. In one of the texts I have about creating enlarged negatives John Rudiak mentions setting "the enlarger height so that one foot candle of light falls on the baseboard (this is equivalent to EV 1 at EI 50)."

I'm using a Pentax Analog Spotmeter to make the light measurements and am trying to figure out how to set this up correctly...can somebody out there walk me through this? I'm not used to working in foot candles..lol. Thanks.

Mark Woods
19-Sep-2009, 11:34
Google foot candle and EV together and you will find some websites that have charts to do this. I've looked for a formula for the conversion, but have yet to find one.

Mark Barendt
19-Sep-2009, 11:41