View Full Version : Flash Supermatic Electronic Flash Sync

Robert Budding
18-Sep-2009, 19:32
I have a 203mm Ektar lens in a Flash Supermatic shutter. I'd like to use it with electronic flash, but it lacks an 'X' setting (only 'F' and 'M' are available). Is there any way to use this shutter to trigger electronic flash?

Dan Fromm
19-Sep-2009, 02:48
Don't cock the flash delay. Try it.

Glenn Thoreson
19-Sep-2009, 18:30
Dan is correct. If you don't cock the delay mechanism it should sync with electronic flash. That is assuming everything is working properly. Some models of the Supermatic have a resistor in the circuitry that can burn out. If your shutter doesn't sync, that could be the cause.

Mark Sampson
20-Sep-2009, 17:14
Early (plain) Supermatics didn't have X-sync, but all the Flash Supermatics should work as described above. If your shutter has the ASA-bayonet connector, a little searching should turn up one of the bayonet-PC sync adapters.