View Full Version : Hasselblad 500 C/M Trouble with slow mirror?

18-Sep-2009, 13:52
Hope I am not being torched for posting a medium format question at a large format forum.

Here is my dilemma 1s through 1/15 of a second everything is working fine. At a 1/30 of a second pressing the lens onto your eye, shade attached and back taken of, the usually round light coming through gets arced on two sides and straight on the other two sides. Between a 1/60 and 1/500 of a second there is no light coming through at all.

So finally here the question: is the mirror mechanism too slow to respond to the fast shutter speeds?

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Eric Rose
18-Sep-2009, 18:28
What do the negs look like?

18-Sep-2009, 18:42
Which model lens? What shutter?

18-Sep-2009, 20:19
The mirror on a 500c/m body is purely mechanical. Sounds like a lens problem to me. Have you tried a different lens?

19-Sep-2009, 06:53
@ Eric Rose
Blank no info at all.
80mm f1:2.8 Carl Zeiss t* Hasselblad Bay 50, Synchro Compur.
I just have this lens, will try a different lens today.

As mentioned before I am just holding the lens to the naked eye and watch what happens. the lens gets funky too when using the mirror lock up. Body cocked, mirror lock up button pressed the mirror goes up the lens is closed pressing the shutter opens accordingly to the set time on the shutter. Following exactly the same procedure again pressing the mirror lock up, mirror goes up and lens instantly opens up the iris. This keeps alternating every time I try this scenario.

20-Sep-2009, 06:18
Thanks for the replies, I tried a different lens and it seams that the shutter of my lens needs adjustment/repair.