View Full Version : Lens Board dimensions

Robert Hughes
18-Sep-2009, 08:11
I'm about to build an LF camera from scratch, and would like to hear from you - what would be a good, common lens board mount dimension? I was leaning toward a 6x6" square - comments?

18-Sep-2009, 08:22
Are you building an 8x10 camera? If so, I think that's a good choice. The 8x10 Kodak 2D and early Deardorff V8's used square corrner 6" square lens boards. You can mount a wide variety of a lenses on a 6" board. Unless you have plans for using big Petzval lenses, which sometimes have flanges a little bigger than 6" in diameter.

Vick Vickery
18-Sep-2009, 14:11
From what you posted, I would assume that you are thinking in terms of ultimately selling boards; if this is the case, 6" x 6" and 4" x 4" have probably been the most common sizes thru the years.