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Joseph Sacamano
5-Jan-2002, 16:27
While my primary gear is large format, my "travel camera" is a Pentax 645. After years of using the standard 15 exposure back, I have just purchased a 220 film back. Does any one out there have experience or suggestions in processing the lo nger film of the 220 roll-ie stainless reels, jobo film tanks, etc. Thanks, Joe Sacamano

Brian Ellis
5-Jan-2002, 18:04
I use the Patterson plastic tanks and reels for 220.

Ken Burns
5-Jan-2002, 19:53

I process it on standard Nikkor 220 reels. Dev times are the same as for the 120 reels.

Lewis Lauring
5-Jan-2002, 21:13
I have used both the Nikkor 220 stainless steel reels and the JOBO plastic reels. I think the Jobo reels are a little easier to work with and are more user friendly than the Nikkor reels. After you ruin a number of rolls of film, you will have no problem with either.

pat krentz
6-Jan-2002, 01:24
If you take one roll of film and ruin it and then use it to practice, practice, practice loading your 220 SS reel, like about fifty times with your eyes closed, you will not ruin any more rolls. Pat

Scott Walton
7-Jan-2002, 12:41
Absolutely agree with Pat! When loading SS reels, make sure you always have a little play (back and forth). Otherwise you have a kink and it will always overlap the film below ruining negs during development!

Todd Phillips
11-Jan-2002, 20:02

I really like the Nikor 220 reels. If you are used to loading the 120 Nikor reel s then the 220 reels are no problem.

BTW, I have two NEW, boxed 220 Nikor reels that I can sell. You will need the pr oper tank for these (I only have one and it is not for sale) unless you dunk the m in 31/2 gal tanks. If anybody is interested, please email me.