View Full Version : Polaroid Type 55 Discontinued ... not

William LaBonti
5-Jan-2002, 15:55
I just received a letter from my distributor announcing that Polaroid is discont inuing Type 55 P/N 4x5 film. This is very disappointing as it is about the only stuff we use in our studio.

The works continues to change.


Bill Jefferson
6-Jan-2002, 02:30
Hi All, I work with all 4x5, 8x10, 4x5 pack film, closely with production, We are NOT discontinuing T-55 film. Bill

Walter Glover
6-Jan-2002, 06:58
I was shown a list of Polaroid products here in Sydney a week before Christmas and P/N 55 was certainly not being discontinued - at present at any rate.

I did notice, however, that ALL the products available were marked 'available through 2002'. The calligrapher may be doodling on the wall.

Next thing you won't be able to get sodium sulphate!


Mike Kravit
6-Jan-2002, 10:35
I clear all of my Type 55 P/N Negs in Perma Wash. A lot easier than mixing up Sodium Sulfite and dealing with the smell.


Michael Feldman
6-Jan-2002, 19:35
Bill Jefferson of Polaroid clearly stated in a response above that there are no plans to discontinue Type 55 in 4x5. If a distributor or retailer chooses to not carry the product anymore, they are free to do so. However, I would not do business with any retailer or distributor that lies about whether a product is still manufactured just because they don't carry it anymore.